Our School

About Us

Welcome to the online home of the High School for Health Careers and Sciences. We are a Community School located on the George Washington Educational Campus in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Our Community Based Organization is Catholic Charities, Alianza Division. We offer a variety of innovate programs and supports for students and families. We also develop Teacher Leaders through dynamic collaborative structures. Please feel free to click through our web site and learn more about all we have to offer. And follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!

Instructional Focus

Our school's instructional focus is to engage students in rigorous, standards aligned, reading, writing, and speaking tasks as a means to access, generate, and demonstrate their content and concept understandings. 

We believe students build the academic skills and personal behaviors necessary for success in college and career when learning is student-centered and collaborative. 

To provide students with these learning experiences and communicate high expectations, teachers: 

  • intentionally plan rigorous, collaborative, and individual tasks which include entry points for all learners and require them to demonstrate their content and concept understanding in discussions and writing
  • deliver lessons using high-quality questions and differentiated techniques to facilitate text-based, student-to-student discussions and writing products aligned to the Common Core Instructional Shifts
  • consistently assess and provide students with clear, actionable feedback aligned to specific Content, Regents, and Common Core Skill goals, to ensure their progress and success

To successfully participate in these learning experiences and achieve the high expectations set for them, as well as set their own, students: 

  • actively engage in rigorous, collaborative, and individual tasks that require the demonstration of content and concept understanding in discussions and writing
  • thoughtfully and respectfully generate and respond to high-quality questions, in both discussions and writing, using text-based/mathematical evidence as well as academic and content vocabulary
  • apply actionable feedback from teachers and peers and provide next steps to peers to improve work products and further develop skills and understandings