Parent Collaboration

Elsa Roman - Parent Coordinator

My name is Elsa Roman and I have been working as a Parent Coordinator at the High School for Health Careers and Sciences for 7 years. As a Parent Coordinator, I have had the pleasure of working with our parents from the community. As a team, we collaborate with the school’s administration to initiate activities and programs to support our students and school culture. Some examples are our parent learning walks, monthly parent association meetings, and professional development to provide parents knowledge on how they can develop leadership qualities and engage in the school’s culture. It has been an honor to serve the school’s community and I will continue to work with the school’s staff and the administration to ensure that our parents receive the proper services and support to enhance their child’s academic success.


Rosendo Mejia - Parent Liaison

I’m proud to support this school which both of my children attend. I design and facilitate programs of interest to our parents such as Parent Meetings, Workshops, Pupil Path, and the Parent Tennis Club.  I was previously President of the Parent Association, and we created English classes for our parents. We started three years ago with only one class and one teacher, and have expanded to three classes and three teachers! We’ve also created and engaged in Parent Learning Walks through our classrooms, familiarizing parents with teacher instruction and student learning. We are currently working on the development of our new program, Parents and Children Learn Together, where we continue to look for the best way for parents to not only get involved in our school, but also to participate in their children's education. We plan to support our community at large and expand the positive things we are doing beyond our school.